Have all users exit FundWare. Log back in and try the process again.
Review How to Enable TCP/IP and Named Pipes for use with FundWare.  (53504)
Reboot the server.
Specifically, if the error is occuring when trying to run a large Advanced Financial Report at 7.60 or later, HF341342 was causing the 9199 error to show with a report path similar to that below: This portion of the error means that something else was happening on the system that made it unable to generate the requested report.

04/17/12 @ 12:23 File: H:\FundWare\Mar Open: N Stat: 9199 0000 Mode: N
Pgm: CWSS850F Rev: 7.61 From: CWS850 Switches: NNNNNNNNNN
User: 28 - Div: 02 Line: 1452

The primary error was:
Error: AFW Report Manager Caller. ERWProduceReports. ProduceReportsFromScreen. CheckLocksAndRunRpt. ERWProduceReports. RunReport. 

ProduceReport. RunReport. ProduceReport. Permission denied

In the reported cases, the user was able to produce the report if they asked for a smaller group of accounts, by masking part of the account number, such as the Fund Dimension. The error is occurring when a full mask is being used, and the size of the report is quite large.