To create a list of dropped courses or changed sections for the current school year, an Advanced List will need to be created.
  1. Go to Core > Analysis > Manage Lists > Manage basic and advanced list
  2. Select the Lists Templates tab
  3. From the Template Category drop down, select Academic Group
  4. To the right of Student Course Enrollment with Faculty, click View/Copy
  5. In the Select Objects tab, expand Constituent Information
  6. Select User Register
  7. In the popup window, select User Base [1].User ID = User Register.Student User Id
  8. In the Select Objects tab, expand School
  9. Select School Year
  10. In the popup, select User Register.School Year = School Year.School Year
  11. In the Display Fields tab, mark the checkbox for Enable Grouping Options
  12. Click Select Fields...
  13. Expand Course Group > Course Enrollment
  14. Select Dropped
  15. Click Select
  16. In the Filters tab, add Global Filters for:
  •   Course Enrollment.Dropped equal to 1
  •   Course Term.School Year is any of #### - #### (select your current school year).
  1. Enter a Name for your list
  2. Click Save
  3. Click Preview to view the list's results
If you want to get Students who have Dropped OR Changed Sections, then ensure your add these additional filters:

And ( Course Enrollment.Dropped equal to 1
Or Course Enrollment.Changed Sections is True )

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