Transactions can sometimes be connected to incorrect constituent records, so finding the gift and connecting to the correct user would be the best option to correct the problem.  Here are some ways to attempt to track down a transaction:  
  • If you have a confirmation code you can search for it in the transactions section.  Fundraising > Transactions > Search the confirmation code, and set the date to an approximate timeframe for the transaction.
  • If you do not have a confirmation code or transaction id, but know the transaction date + other unique factors: You can run a transaction details report and select to run by a particular date, and set any filters like billing name to narrow down the search.  You can also download the results and use Excel to filter and narrow down the results.
  • If reporting and searching Luminate Online did not work then checking your your merchant account for the information to see if was not recorded else where.
  • If you are not having luck then potentially reaching out to the donor to gather additional information like: Link of the donation form, PDF receipt, autoresponder, billing address, or any other unique fields may be useful in the search.
If you were able to find the transaction in Luminate Online and would like to change the donor: How can I change a Donor under a donation?

Note: If you use other products or resources to process donations outside of Luminate Online then the gifts may not be in the Luminate Online system, and only stored in the other program or tool.  This behavior can vary based on configuration.  If you were unable to find it after exhausting the resources or have questions about the process you can contact Luminate Support.