Error: The schedule cannot start before the gift date. When validating an edited Pledge payment in a Revenue Update Batch

After editing a Pledge payment's Installment and Post dates within CRM and pulling the Pledge payment into a Revenue Update Batch for further updates, the Installment Date and Posted Date do not show adjusted Dates. Also, when Validating the Batch, the following error is received due to these two dates not being updated according to the Pledge Revenue record:

"The schedule cannot start before the gift date."

Manually adjust the individual Installment/s Start Date, then Validate the Batch again to resolve the errors to be able to commit the batch.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Revenue and click Add a pledge
  2. Enter a new pledge payment with todays date for the following fields:
    1. Date
    2. Installments > Starting On
    3. Post date
  3. Enter a Designation
  4. Click Save
  5. Go to Revenue > Post Revenue to GL
  6. Add a new Post to GL Process
  7. Name it and use a Query to locate the Pledge payment entered above, click Save
  8. Start the Process you just created
  9. Once the Post to GL process has completed, access the Pledge Payment created above and edit it
  10. Adjust the following Date fields on the Pledge payment:
    1. Date: Current + 1 year
    2. Next Installment Date: Current + 1 year
    3. Adjustment date: Current + 1 year
    4. Adjustment Post date: Current + 1 year
  11. Populate the Adjust reason dropdown
  12. Click Save
  13. Create a Revenue Update Batch and add the Pledge above to the batch
  14. Update the Projected Totals
  15. Validate the Batch
  16. Note the exception received: "The schedule cannot start before the gift date", as the Installment Start Date and Post Date fields did not populate with the adjusted fields from the steps above.


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