The best way to do this would be to create another Payment Gateway for just EFT and associate that Gateway with Contracts etc. First you will need to contact the Payment Gateway to get credentials for the new Gateway Account for the EFT only account. Then, in the persona menu, navigate to:
  1. onBoard
  2. Settings
  3. Click on Payment Processing
  4. To add the payment gateway information, click the Add New Account button
  5. Select the payment gateway type in the Gateway drop down menu
  6. Mark the Active check box to activate the payment gateway account
  7. Enter the Account Login and Password information for the Account
  8. Ensure you do not click off any Credit Card Options
  9. Create a Description for the account (i.e. Contracts EFT Only)
  10. Click Save

Then you would need to attach the new Payment Gateway to the Contract, to do this navigate to:
  1. onBoard
  2. Settings
  3. Contract Forms
  4. Click Edit into the Contract you need to add the Gateway to
  5. Click the Deposit Section
  6. Click Block Settings
  7. Select the correct Gateway you just created, Ensure only EFT is selected
  8. Click Save