Constituent incorrectly appearing as a prospect in Query

Query can be used to output the Prospects that a Prospect Manager manages.  When running this query, a constituent is showing up in the results that does not have the Major Giving Prospect constituency, and therefor should not be a prospect for any Prospect Manager.
If the Major Giving Prospect constituency was deleted from the constituent record, the Prospect tab is no longer visible.  However, this does not "disconnect" the constituent from the underlying connections to the Prospect Manager.  To resolve this issue, add the Major Giving Prospect constituency back to the constituent record.  This will reinstate the Prospect tab and all of the information about the Prospect Team. From here, the Prospect Manager can be deleted, which will remove the connection between the constituent and the Prospect Manager.  The query will now not return this constituent as a Prospect for that Prospect Manager.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to the Analysis functional area
  2. Select Information Library
  3. Choose a Constituents query view
  4. In the Include records where field enter:
    - Prospect\Prospect Manager\Name is equal to <name of Prospect Manager>
  5. In the output field add:
    - Name
    - Prospect\Prospect Manager\Name
  6. Preview results
  7. Observe there is a name or names of constituents that do not have the Major Giving Prospect constituency on their record(s), and therefor do not have the Prospect tab on the constituent record.


 Blackbaud CRM

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