This is a SQL Database error.  It indicates that ResearchPoint is unable to reach the Raiser's Edge database.  

There are two reasons this error could be produced:
  1. The Raiser's Edge Web Service is in some sort of distress
  2. The Raiser's Edge database in inaccessible on the machine where Web Services is installed.
The following are suggested steps to resolve the problem:
  1. Stop and restart Raiser's Edge Web Services
  2. Restart the server where Web Services is installed
If the above two resolutions do not resolve the issue, then attempt to launch Raiser's Edge on the server where Web Services is installed.  If Raiser's Edge does not start normally on that machine, then the issue resides with that machine and the local IT department should be engaged to resolve the problem.  

NOTE: This issue only presents for customers whose Raiser's Edge installation is hosted locally by them.  Systems which are hosted by Blackbaud will not exhibit this error unless there is an outage for Raiser's Edge being experienced.