Event Attribute merge fields are not populating in Emails based on Export Definitions

Custom Merge fields in a message are missing Attribute data when you create a Custom Attribute / Code Table in CRM for use in an Event for Participant selected/added values during registration. The Template the message is created from uses an Export Definition that exports the attribute values from the Constituent records based on Query criteria, which do return results in CRM, but the message shows no content when there should be data in the message.
We’re currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In CRM, go to Administration > Attribute Categories
  2. Create a new attribute for use on an Event Registration form in BBIS that is a Data Type of Code Table
  3. Create a new Code Table
  4. Click Save
  5. Mark Checkbox for Allow only one per record and Make available in lists
  6. Click Save
  7. Access an Event and go to Registrations tab
  8. Add a new Registration, click Save
  9. Go to Attributes Tab, Add a value for the attribute created above, click Save
  10. Go to Analysis > Information Library and create a new Query to pull just your record and include the field in the Results for your Registrant Attribute\Value
  11. Save and Close the Query
  12. Go to Administration > Export Definitions and click Add
  13. Select Constituents, click Ok
  14. Add the following Criteria
  15. Click Save and Close
  16. In BBIS, Go to Email > Lists
  17. Create a new List with Data Source of Constituent
  18. Add the Query you created above and name the list, click Save
  19. Go to Email > Templates, click New Template with Data Source of Constituent and select the Export Definition created above
  20. Add all required items and click Save
  21. Create a new message and add the following Merge Fields
  22. Add the List created above to the Recipient List, add a Name to the email and Click Save
  23. Click Send Final
  24. Note: When the message is received the attribute value merge field does not populate/is blank even though the constituent record has a value


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