Benefits are incorrectly updating with Registration Fees

When using Benefits with Registration fees, the Benefit amount does not update correctly if opening the Benefits a second time and adding a second registration.

Download and install the latest version and patch if applicable.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Open an event record with a pricing level that includes benefits
  2. Select the Prices tab>Select Individual and click Benefits at the bottom
    • For example: Gift Amount is $125, Receipt Amount $85 and Benefits of Group Admission Discount for this level is $40 for Count of 4 with unit cost $10
  3. Select Participant tab and add new Registrant>Individual and populate the Last name and First Name. Click OK
  4. On the Registration form, click to the Registration Fees tab, select Unit Individual, No. of Units 1 and click Tab.  The Gift Amount of $125 and Receipt Amount of $85 populates correctly and the Benefits shows Total benefit value of $40
  5. Click Save and Close on the Registrant and on the Event.
  6. Open the Event and the specific Registrant from Step 4 and go to the Registration Fees tab
  7. 7. Click to the blank line and add Individual Unit AGAIN with 1 unit
  8. 8. Note it populates Gift Amount and Receipt Amount correctly and Total Benefit value of $80
  9. Click X to close the record and DO NOT SAVE the changes to the Registrant
  10. Open the registrant again. The second Registration fee is not listed, but the Total benefit value remains at $80 instead of $40


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