Which Blackbaud products are compatible with the Raiser's Edge 7.95?

Before purchasing, installing, or upgrading your software, review our compatibility information.  We also strongly suggest reviewing the System Requirements before upgrading your Raiser's Edge database.
The following table lists compatibility information between our products when interfacing. If you are not interfacing, you can run other versions of the software programs than listed below. We test our software for compatibility only on the latest versions. 
AuctionMaestro Pro 4.7.5
Blackbaud Direct Marketing    4.0 SP4 or higher
Blackbaud NetCommunity6.64, patch 21
Education Edge7.87.164, patch 10 or higher
Financial Edge7.87.164, patch 10 or higher
Patron Edge3.406, patch 4
-- When upgrading to The Raiser’s Edge 7.95 you must also update to The Patron Edge 3.406 patch 4. Failure to update both programs will result in integration errors. The install files along with instructions are available directly from TopTix. Please reach out to TopTix before applying any patches to The Raiser’s Edge 7.95.
Sphere4.1.2.9 Standalone OnDemand


 Raiser's Edge

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