To create an Advanced list that will pull the desired information. To do this you will need to start with a blank advanced list. 
  1. Navigate to Core > Analysis > Manage Lists
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions
  3. Click the Add button and Select Create Advanced List
  4. Under the Select Objects Tab, From the Academic Group: 
  • Select Assignment Type first
  • Next Select Assignment,
  • Course Group 
  • Course Term
  • Course Base
  • Course Department
  • Academic Department
  • Course Grade Level
  • Course Faculty (If you want to pull this information)
  • And Under Constituent Information, User Base 
  • Select Course Faculty. Faculty User ID from the Drop Down
  • Click Select
  1. You will need to turn off the inner Join for all Objects except for User Base Select Objects Should Appear as seen
  2. Select the Display Fields Tab
  3. Check the Box to Enable grouping options
  4. Click Select Fields...
  5. Expand out the Different Sections and Place a check next to:
  • Assignment Type Under Assignment Type
  • Assignment, Date Assigned, Due Date, Assignment Brief Under Assignment
  • School Year Under Course Term
  • Course Code, Course Title, and School Level Under Course Base
  • Department ID Under Course Department
  • Department Under Academic Department
  • Teacher Type Under Course Faculty
  • First Name and Last Name Under User Base
  1. Once done, Click Select
  2. Arrange the Columns in the order you want 
  3. Under the Grouping Column, Select Count from the Drop Down for Course Base.Course Title User-added image
  4. Select the Filters Tab
  5. Under the Global Filters Select:
  • Course Term.School Year with the condition of any of Whatever year you're looking for
  • Click the + to add another row
  • Select Course Base. School Level with the condition of any of whichever school level you want the information for
User-added image

When you're done you will display all assignments and their types from a given School Year