To view how individual Student enrollment can be done in Academics,  refer to this article.

To Drop a Student from a Course in Academics:
  1. Go to Academics
  2. Using People Finder, search for the preferred student 
  3. Click Enrollment
  4. Click Manage for the appropriate term 
  5. In the Current Schedule row, click Edit for the course that needs to be edited
  6. Enter in the preferred Drop/Change Date (in parenthesis, the term dates will appear)
  7. Mark the option that best fits the student's scenarios: 
    • Scheduling Error: This will remove the course from the Student's record
    • Change Sections: This will drop the Student from the course. When you enroll them in the new section, the new teacher will be able to run the Grade Book report "Grades - For Dropped Courses" and add the grades from the previous section into their Grade Book
    • Drop Course: This will drop the course, but leaves the course in the Student's record
Note: Aa red circle with a line through it will appear when you hoover your mouse over the radio button for Scheduling Error.This is because a course cannot be dropped with the selection Scheduling Error once grades are recorded for the Student. If you want to remove a Student due to a Scheduling Error, and grades have been recorded, you will need to remove all grades from the students record before this option will be able to be selected.

When a Student is dropped or a section is changed within the current Term Dates:
Note: Regardless of what date is chosen, the course will immediately be removed from the Student's classes menu. 

For example, Student Samuel Aveeno was enrolled in English 1-2 (F). The course appears in his Classes list. 

classes dropdown
On the date that the English 1-2(F) course is dropped for Samuel (this is the date entered within Manage Enrollments, not the date selected in the Drop/Change Date field) the English 1-2(F) course will be removed from Samuel's Classes menu.

samuel classes menu example

Can a Student be Dropped Outside of the Current Term Dates?

A Student cannot be dropped outside of the current term dates. Doing so will produce an error that will state "Date must be between" and will list the current term dates.

For example, a school may operate with a first and second-semester setup (which can be viewed by selecting Years & Terms Core). If a student needed to be dropped from a year-long course at a point during the second semester,  then users will need to filter on the preferred term to only remove the student from the desired term.  

If a Student is dropped from a course and enrolled in a course on the same day:

Although the course will be removed from the Student's Classes menu, it will still take 24 hours to remove them fully from the course. This means that the teacher will be able to take Attendance for the Student in the dropped course on the same day the Student is dropped.


In the example below, the Students were dropped from their course (the drop is notated by a small d) and the teacher can still take Attendance for those students in this course.

screenshot of dropped student in Attendance list

What Displays to the Report Card/Transcript when a Course is Dropped and Grades Have Been Recorded

The Course name and the recorded grades. If grades have been recorded for a Student is dropped from a course, that course and the grades will display on both the Report Card and the Transcript.

What Displays on the Report Card/Transcript when a Course is Dropped and Grades Have Not Been Recorded

Nothing. If grades have not been recorded for a Student droppedfrom a course, that course will be removed from both the Report Card and the Transcript.