1. Impersonate a Student
  2. Select the Progress tab underneath the My Day menu
  3. Scroll to view the Student's courses
  4. Next to Grades select Show and use the drop down arrow to select the Quarter to show
  5. Select View Details for the course you wish to view
If the teacher has setup the Grade Book by Year, you will see a percentage in the top left above Marking Period as well as a percentage above Year. If the teacher set up the Grade Book by Marking Period then there will be a percentage above Marking Period and two horizontal lines above Year.

Grade Book Set up by Year
Progress with Marking and Year

Grade Book Set up by Marking Period
Progress with just Year

The Marking Period percentage is the grade the student has for the current Marking Period.

The Year percentage is the grade the student has overall for the entire year. This number is not an average of the previous Marking Periods.

For example: A school's terms are setup so that there is a Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3 and Quarter 4.
The school is currently in their third Quarter, so when a Student gets to step 4 above and chooses which Quarter to show, they choose to show Quarter 3.
If the Grade Book is set up by Year, then the Year percentage that shows is based on all the grades the Student has received so far, and how those grades are weighted. This would not be an average of the Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 grades from the Grade Book. The Marking Period percentage will show the grades