Rescheduling a group sales payment removes the total from the reservation

While rescheduling your group sales reservation in Altru you may notice that any payments added to the reservation have been removed and added as an overage when you are changing the date and time of the reservation. If you have not added any payments to the reservation, you may see that the scheduled event in the program itinerary is no longer linked to the reservation.
This is by design. Try rescheduling the reservation first. This will cause a message to appear on the itinerary that says: Event not Scheduled for this Day and Time. To resolve this we will remove the event from the itinerary, and re-add the correct event. 

To Remove the 'Event Not Scheduled for this Day and Time' and Schedule a new Event:
  1. From the Reservation Record, Click the hyperlinked Itinerary Name in Manage Itineraries
  2. Right Click the red box 'Event not scheduled for this day and time', Choose Delete
  3. Click Add > Scheduled Event
  4. In the Add a Scheduled Event Screen, Click the Event the group will attend
  5. Save

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a new group sales reservation
  a. Make sure your arrival time and departure time match the start and end times of the scheduled event
  b. Make sure you add your price type and quantity
2. Make a payment on the reservation
3.  Change the program date and time to a date and time outside of your itinerary
so if your itinerary is from 1pm to 4pm make sure the new event time is outside of that window
4. Go back to the reservation and change the date of the reservation to the date of the program event
5. The reservation will have a balance


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