To replace the standard page with a custom page:
  • A HTML page file and accompanying CSS/images/files must be provided. Alternatively, Blackbaud can design a page on your behalf, which is a billable service.
  • Click Chat with Support and reference this article

  • We can use one custom page per client not per URL or per NetCommunity instance. If your organization has multiple sites in Blackbaud Hosting, only one page can be set to display for any / all of them
  • A NetCommunity page cannot be used for this purpose. This page is only seen if the site is offline due to maintenance / outage. So if the NetCommunity site is offline, then any page "in" the NetCommunity site is offline too.
  • The alternate page may not display for all outages. If your organization hosts The Raiser's Edge ("split-hosted" with Blackbaud Hosting), this page will not display in the event of a Raiser's Edge Web Server (REWS) outage.