Credit Card Type grays out after entering 4026, 4058, 4844, 4913, or 4917 in Online Express donation page

When entering a Credit Card number into an Online Express Donation page that begins with 4026, 4058, 4844, 4913, or 4917, the Credit Card Type grays out. If the donate button is clicked, the following error may appear:

We've run into a slight problem. Can you correct the following to continue? Please Specify Card Type.
The card numbers in question are associated Electron Pre-Paid Visa Cards. This type of card is not accepted or supported for online transactions by BBMS or most other payment services.

If a donor is using this type of card, please ask them for another form of payment such as ACH/Direct Debit or a different card number. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Donation page 
  2. Fill out donor information
  3. Enter First Four digits of Credit card (4026, 4058, 4844, 4913, or 4917)
  4. Note the the Card type icons are grayed out

All other numbers work except for the above series.


 Blackbaud Online Express

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