Attribute Description cut off in query results

When an attribute description is added to the Output of a query, the Results tab can cut off the full description for specific attributes. 
The field for the Specific Attribute Description column in query is cut off at 60 characters (including spaces).  If the description field on the record exceeds 60 characters with spaces, the entire description will not appear in the results. 

To see the full Description field:
  • Use the Export module to include the query with specific Outputs 
  • OR Export the results directly from the query Results tab to an Excel file
The full description will be shown in the exported results. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In the query, on the Output tab, select Attributes> Specific Attributes> [Attribute Category]> [Attribute Category] Description
  2. Click Results or Run Now to see query results
  3. Note the Specific Attribute Description column can be cut off if the field on the record is a long entry


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