To add a link to an application on a webpage:
  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management
  2. Admissions > Select Admissions Setup > Select Application Forms 
  3. Select Login Setup                                                                           
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  1. Copy the URL from the Apply Link section in the Login Setup
  2. Navigate to School Website
  3. Content > Click  Additional Content Types 
  4. Click Links
  5. To create a links category click +Add New Category 
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6. Enter in the preferred Name, Description and select Public so the Link category is able to be viewed on the website. 
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  1. Select Save & Add Link
  2. Add the link in the URL Field, enter the preferred title and complete other fields if desired 

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To Add The Link to Your Website: 
  1. Navigate to School Website
  2. Website Management > Select Websites 
  3. Open the preferred website by clicking the three dots > Edit Website 
  4. Select the wrench icon to Edit the designated page
  5. Drag in the Links Widget and select the appropriate category where the application is located
  6. The link for the application will now be on the front end of the website on the page, available to the public