There is a report titled "Attendance History - By Section" that can be run to display Attendance for a single course. This report is found within the Roster tab of the course for which you wish to view Attendance.

To access the report for one of your own classes, make sure you are in the Faculty persona:
  1. Select the course you wish to run Attendance for from the Classes menu
  2. Select the Roster tab
  3. On the right hand side, click the drop-down menu called Run Roster/Student Reports
  4. Select Attendance History - By Section
  5. Choose Totals by Student, Summary by Student or Summary by Day from the Show menu
  6. Click Generate Report
This report can also be accessed by going to Adacemics and searching for the course in the Group Finder menu. Then you would continue to follow steps 2-6 listed above.