Option to post to NetClassroom is greyed out for non-supervisor users.

When in Mail > Forms > Report Cards, the option to post to NetClassroom is greyed out when a user right clicks on a report card parameter. The user is still able to post when selecting the report card from Grades > Post report card to NetClassroom.
Post the report cards from Grades.

Alternative solution:
Add an additional security right in Set up System Security for the user. Adding this right will cause both an Education Edge and Financial Edge user license to be used.

1. In Administration > Set up System Security, open the user group for the affected user.
2. On the left hand side, mark the option for General Ledger.
3. On the right hand side, mark at least Reports.
4. Highlight Reports and click Options on the grey bar.
5. In the new window, mark at least Allocation Reports.
6. Click Ok and Save and close the group.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log in as the affected user.
2. In Registrar's Office, go to Mail > Forms > Report Cards.
3. Click and highlight a report card parameter.
4. Right click on the parameter.
5. See the Post to NetClassroom option is greyed out.


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