1. Open the original Recurring Gift record in the constituent's record.
  2. On the Gift tab, change the Status/date field:
    • Change the status from Active to either Terminated or Completed. (Please refer to the following for what each status value means: What is the Status field on a recurring gift or pledge?)
    • Change the date. It can be the date you received notification to end the recurring gift, today's date, or the date of the last payment received. (Note: If the status date is after the date of the last payment received, then any expected payments in-between those two dates may show as missing in reports run from Reports > Pledge & Recurring Gift Reports.)
  3. Save and Close the gift.

Additional Notes:
  • Changing the status from Active to any other value prevents the prompt "This constituent has at least one outstanding recurring gift. Would you like to apply this gift to a recurring gift?" from appearing when adding new gifts for the constituent.
  • If the status is anything other than Active and if the RE:EFT module is present, the gift will no longer be automatically brought into batches using the Automatically Generate Transactions or Payments option.