Differences in the Membership Count and Active Membership Report
 Active MembershipMembership Count
PurposeThis report is meant to give you a snapshot of the total number of active memberships at this point in time. You can also choose to view a trend graph at the top of the report daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.This report is meant to give you a historical view of the number of active memberships in previous periods. You can choose what period (Past 3 months, Past 6 months, Past Year, or a Specific Date) to compare and how to break down the data (by Month, Quarter or Year). 
IncludesAll membership programsThis report only includes one membership program which you select in the report's filters.
Calculated UsingStatus

This report counts any membership that has a status of Active.
Transaction Expiration Date

This reports counts any active membership that will exist at the end of the selected month, quarter, or year you are running the report for.

For example, when comparing monthly data, if you have a member who expires on 12/30/15, they will not be included in the Membership Count Report for 12/2015 because their membership will no longer be active by the end of the month (12/31/2015). If you have a member that expires on 12/31/2015, they will be counted in 12/2015 since the last day of the month is the last day of their membership.

Additional Items to Check: 
  1. Make sure the Membership Status Update Process is enabled and running daily. This process updates membership statuses from Active to Lapsed or Expired as their expiration dates pass. 
    1. Go to Memberships 
    2. Under Tasks, click Membership Status Update Process
    3. On the Job Schedules Tab, ensure that a daily status process is running.
  2. Make sure the Membership Transaction Expiration Date matches the overall Expiration Date for the Membership. Since the Membership Count Report uses Transaction Expiration Date, there could be a potential difference if the overall expiration date was changed on a membership.