In Daily Attendance Report, Consecutive entries total wrong when filtered

In Registrar's Office > Reports > Attendance Reports > Daily Attendance Report, if a column is selected to show Consecutive attendances and only specific attendance codes are selected in the Filters tab, the report calculates all codes into the Consecutive attendance count instead of only the filtered codes.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. In Registrar's Office, go to Reports > Attendance Reports
2. In the Columns tab, select Date and Consecutive Entries.
3. In the Filters tab, for Attendance Codes, select specific code or codes.
4. Preview the report and see that although the unfiltered codes are not on the report, the report still counts them because they were entered consecutively.
12/1/15 - 1
12/2/15 - 2
12/4/15 - 4

Can be duplicated when entering attendance by Class or Day.

(12/3/15 is not on the report because the code used that day was not filtered on for the report, but we see the report is still counting it because on 12/4/15, we have 4 consecutive entries)



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