Report folders do not appear in Report Explorer when added in SQL Server Reporting Services Report Manager

When adding reports via SQL Server Reporting Services Report Manager the report folders added there do not automatically appear in CRM in Analysis\Report Explorer. This occurs only for self-hosted customers who have access to their own SQL Server Reporting Server and occurs only if the report folder added via SSRS is empty.

In order for the new folders added via SSRS to be visible in CRM Report Explorer, these new folders must actually contain reports. Place or copy a report into the newly created folder and the folder will be visible in Report Explorer.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the URL for the SQL Server Reporting Services Report Manager
2. Navigate to the main containing folder for the reports for the system, typically this is System Reports. Open the system reports folder.
3. Click New Folder on the top left to add a new folder
4. Go to CRM, Analysis\Report Explorer. See that new folder is not visible there.
5. Go back to SSRS Report Manager and copy or place a report in the newly created folder
6. Now go back to CRM, Analysis\Report Explorer, refresh the page, and now see that the newly created folder is now visible.



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