1. Go to Fundraising
  2. Choose Add a Donor challenge
  3. Enter the necessary information for the campaign:
    1. Challenge Name- enter the name for the donor challenge
    2. Funding Source- Select whether the funding source is internal, such as a department or fund within the organization, or external such as a major donor or corporate sponsor
    3. External or Internal Sponsor- When the funding source is external search for the constituent. When the funding source is internal, select the sponsor from the list
    4. Start and End Date- Enter start and end dates for the donor challenge. Donor challenges cannot be open-ended; you must specify start and end dates
    5. Pay pledges within- Enter a time frame when pledges must be paid. Pledges with schedules outside the time frame are not eligible for the challenge
    6. Description- Enter a description of the donor challenge
    7. Type- Lump Sum match is where the sponsor pays a lump sum after the challenged amount is raised. Individuals donors receive recognition credit for the matching challenge funds. The matching funds to go the designations selected when the challenge is added
    8. Match threshold- This determines the amount that must be raised to receive the matching challenge funds. After the qualified gifts exceed the match threshold, the sponsor pays the lump usm payment of the matching challenge funds
    9. Matching portion- Select whether to match the full gift amount of the tax-deductible portion only
    10. Min gift amount- the minimum gift amount that receives a match. When the donor challenge matches any gift, no matter how small, leave this as zero
    11. Max match per gift-  the maximum gift that receives a match. some challenges may limit how much to match for individual gifts, so gifts above the limit are matched at the maximum match amount. The program interprets "0" as blank. When there is no maximum leave this field set to zero.
    12. Matching designation- Select the designations for the lump sum payment of the matching challenge funds
    13. Include all payment types or Exclude these payment types- You can include all payment types as eligible for the donor challenge, or you can exclude specific payment types, such as memberships.
  4. Click Save. You will now be taken to the Donor Challenge Page
  5. On the designation tab add the designation
  6. In the task bar to the left update the donor challenge to update the challenge with qualifying payments
You have now created your Lump Sum Donor challenge Campaign