In order to copy an existing contract for the current school year, a new contract type must first be issued.
  1. Navigate to onBoard > Contract Forms
  2. Edit across from the contract type and change the status to Inactivate > Save
  3. Select Settings on the form and change the status to Inactivate > Save & CloseUser-added imageUser-added image
  4. Select +Add Type to add a new contract type
  5. Name the Contract Type (e.g. New Family Contract - Single Signature) > select a Category > set the status to Active > Save
 User-added image
6. Select Copy on an existing contract User-added image
7. Enter a New Contract Name > Select the Contract Type that was just created > Select the School Year > Save
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8. Make sure that in the new contract Settings > Status has been selected as Active so that the new contract type is available for selection in the candidate record in onBoard.