If a teacher adds a comment to an Assignment:

As the Student:
  1. Go to the Progress tab
  2. Scroll to the Bottom of the page
  3. Under Courses, Click View Details on the Green Gradebook icon to the right of the course you wish to view
The comment will display to the right of the Assignment title.

If a teacher adds a comment to a Test/Quiz:

In order for the Student to view these comments, the teacher must allow it when creating the Assessment.

As the Teacher, go to the Faculty persona:
  1. Select the appropriate Class from the Classes drop-down menu
  2. Click + Assessment
  3. Select Quiz/Test for the Assignment Type
  4. Click Save & Add Questions
  5. Select the Results tab
  6. Make sure "Allow Students to view results page" and "show questions on results page" are set to yes.

Once these options are selected, the settings are automatically saved. When a Student wants to view these comments, they can do so by:
  1. Selecting the appropriate course from the Classes menu
  2. Select Assignments
  3. Click on the title of the Quiz or Test
  4. Clicking View Comment on the question that contains the comment