To Add/Edit a Milestone, and set the Status Change:


  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management.
  2. Select Enrollment Management > Admissions> Admissions Setup> Checklists
  3. Click Edit to the right of your Checklist.
  4. Click +Add Milestone in the upper right corner to add a new Milestone.
  5. Click the yellow pencil/Edit icon to the right of an existing Milestone (bold, blue header) to edit an existing Milestone.


Entering Milestone
If a Milestone is set as an Entering Milestone, the Candidate Status will update based on the Status set in the Milestone, as they "Enter"/begin that Milestone, provided all previous Milestone Checklist Steps are completed. This happens before the Candidate completes any of the Checklist Steps in the current Milestone.

Exiting Milestone
If a Milestone is set as an Exiting Milestone, the Candidate Status only updates once all Steps within that Milestone (and all previous Milestones/Checklist Steps) are marked as Completed or Waived. Once all steps are complete, the Candidate is considered to be "Exiting" that Milestone - and their Status will update to the Status set in the Milestone.

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​More information about setting up Checklists can be found in Creating a Checklist.