Error: Data could not be saved. Property cannot be added. Property 'BB_IsSystem' already exists for 'dbo.RECURRINGGIFTINSTALLMENT.TR_RECURRINGGIFTINSTALLMENT_INSERTUPDATE_CURRENCY'. - When adding recurring gifts

When adding recurring gifts to a constituent record you may run into this error: Data could not be saved. Property cannot be added. Property 'BB_IsSystem' already exists for 'dbo.RECURRINGGIFTINSTALLMENT.TR_RECURRINGGIFTINSTALLMENT_INSERTUPDATE_CURRENCY'.
This issue has been resolved with the 4.9 update. If you are still having this issue please Chat with Support and reference this knowledgebase article

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Constituent > Constituent search
  2. Search for and select a constituent
  3. Click the add recurring gift link under task
  4. Fill out the information on the add a recurring gift screen and click save
After you click save the error message may pop up in Altru


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