Will an after-tax deduction consider other deductions when calculating?

The table is present for After-Tax percentage of gross deductions to include other deductions in the gross pay.
In Payroll, the ability to filter on a deduction when creating an After-tax deduction does not currently exist--the table is there by design but not functional for after-tax deductions. This option is only available on a pre-tax Percentage of Gross deduction. Having the option to filter on a deduction would defeat the purpose of an After-tax deduction.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Payroll, go to Records>Employees>open an employee.
  2. Go to Compensation/Deductions.
  3. Choose New Deduction from the dark gray bar.
  4. Select necessary deduction.
  5. For rate, choose Percentage of Gross. View that you are able to filter on Deductions in the filters below. However, filtering on Percentage of Gross does not apply to After-tax deductions because this deduction only considers the net amount.
  6. Change the Rate to Percentage of net. There is no option for filter on Deductions.

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