Only six types of checklist steps may have files attached by the candidate: School, Family Photo, Age Verification, Educational Testing, Interviews, and Test

Files are initially accessed via:
  1. onBoard> Dashboard: File Submissions
  1.  onBoard > Process > File Submissions

After accessing the file submissions interface, the school can both print the information, as well as add details (interpret the information into searchable fields) and process it to the student's checklist.

Note: If there is already a School Entered in the School Tab for the Same Year you are trying to process the 'School' file to, when you 'Save' the Checklist step, nothing will happen. You will need to delete the School currently listed for that year in the 'school' tab of the candidate profile before you may process the new 'School' file for that year

Processed files will be accessible from the following locations:

Within onBoard> People Finder> (search and select a student)> 

  • School will display under the Schools tab
All others appear under the 'Record' tab:
  • Family Photo will display under 'Candidate Information'
  • Age Verification will display under 'Candidate Information'
  • Educational Testing will display under 'Candidate Information' (aka Educational Support)
  • Interviews will display under 'Interviews'
  • Test will display under 'Test Scores'
All of these locations offer the ability for admissions staff to manually upload\attach files as well.

Currently all files uploaded to onBoard stay in onBoard even after the Candidate is enrolled as a student and can only be accessed from their onBoard Candidate Profile.
Note: This does not include test scores. Test Scores added in onBoard will also appear in onRecord once the Candidate is enrolled.