To create the list, navigate to:
  1. Lists > More Lists
  2. Select the List Templates tab
  3. From the Template Category drop down, select Admission
  4. To the right of Candidate/Student Financial Aid, click View/Copy
  5. In the Filters tab, click the User-added image to edit the Condition for User Role.Role
  6. In the Condition popup, select the role(s) to include in the list (ex: Candidate, Student, etc.).
 User-added image
  1. Click Select
  2. Add another Global Filter for Financial Aid.School Year any of and the School Year you are looking for such as 2017 - 2018 (the School Year you wish to see Financial Aid for)
  3. Click Select
  4. Enter a Name for the list (required)
  5. Add the list to a category (optional, but recommended)
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Preview to view the list's results