Step 1: Create the selection
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click Add an Ad-hoc query 
  3. Select the Source view of Merchandise Department 
    Merchandise Department Sourceview
  4. Click OK 
  5. From the middle column, drag Merchandise Department Record into Include Records Where. 
    Merchandise Department Record field
  6. In the Apply Criteria window, change the operator to say “Not equal to” or “Not one of” 
    Change operator
  7. Next, search for the departments that you DO NOT want to see on your Inventory Report and click OK 
  8. Go to the Set Save Options Tab
  9. Name your query and check the box Create a Selection (make sure it is a dynamic selection!) 
    Checked Selection Created
  10. Click Save and Close
Step 2: Add your selected to the Report 
  1. Go to Merchandise 
  2. Under Reports, click Inventory to run the Inventory Report
  3. Choose Selected Departments and search for the query you created in Step 1. 
    Selected departments
  4. Run the Report.