Attributes from Allocation pool do not show in Journal Entry

Journal entries created by Allocation Management do not have the attributes assigned on the Allocation Pools after creating the allocation and posting the journal entry.
1. Go to the allocation pool, defaults tab.
2. Click Transaction distribution button.
3. Mark the radio button for Destination distribution and click OK.

4. Save and close the pool and run the allocation.

Steps to Duplicate

Go to GL, Allocation Management, Pools and Open Electricity.
Go to Defaults tab and click on Attributes.
See that the attribute Location is set here.
1. Go to GL, Allocation Management, Allocations and run Overhead Allocation.
2. See that $1000 is allocated. 
3. Go to Journal entry and open the batch Overhead allocation
4. Go to Attributes tab and it is blank the default attribute did not post over during the allocation.


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