Donations cannot be exported to Quickbooks if the journal entry has been finalized. The Final box was selected by a user to prevent any further changes to the transaction. Journal entries can be unfinalized by deselecting the Final box in the transaction. If you have a large amount of journal entries that need to be unfinalized, this can be done through a mass update. 

The first step is to create the query: 
  1. Click the Queries tab on the menu bar
  2. Select a category that you want to store this query in (Ex: Base)
  3. Click New Query under the Tasks menu
  4. Name the query Finalized Donations from mm/dd/yyyy - mm/dd/yyyy
  5. Set the Starting Query to Base: All Constituents - A
  6. Set the Data Return Type to Journal Entries
  7. Select Match Each Criteria under the Criteria Matching field
  8. Select Commonly Used Fields from the Browse Fields drop down menu
  9. Select Journal Entry Date from the list of links
  10. Type in the Start and End Date you want
  11. Select Individual Transaction Received from the list of links
  12. Choose Greater Than Or Equal To .01
  13. Select Journal from the Browse Fields drop down menu
  14. Select Journal Entry Status from the list of links
  15. Select Final
  16. Click Save And - Preview

The second step is to run the Mass Update: 
  1. Click the Management tab on the menu bar
  2. Click Mass Update
  3. Click Finalize Journal Entries
  4. Select the Category and Query that was created
  5. Select Remove Finalization.
  6. Click Next to Preview
  7. Select View Report (confirm these are the entries)
  8. Select Next to Run
  9. Select Ok to confirm that you understand the intensive process of the mass update

The original query of transactions can now be exported to Quickbooks.