Program URL is not showing any events, or not showing the correct program event - when accessing the URL of the program in Altru

When accessing the URL of your program in Altru, you may notice that Altru shows the next program event that has a start time that hasn't passed instead of the current program event that is on sale. The Program URL may show the next available program event even though current program event is still on sale. 

Or a message may show the following, even though there are live program events in the program: 
There are no tickets available for events that meet the specified criteria. 
This was resolved in the latest release of Altru. 

If you are still receiving the error, "There are no tickets available for events that meet the specified criteria", follow these steps:
  1. Go to Web > Manage Program Forms
  2. On the left side of the page, click "Online settings for tickets"
  3. Edit the On-sale period to cover at least enough days between the current date and the date of the next available event in the program
  4. Click Save

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate if the next event is showing instead of the current event: 
  1. Click Tickets > Add a scheduled program
  2. Fill out the information and click save
  3. Click on the events tab and click the add button
  4. Add multiple events
  5. Click on the on sale tab and click the drop down arrow next to online sales
  6. Edit the on sale period ends to several minutes after the start time and click save
  7. Click Web > manage program forms
  8. Click the drop down arrow next to the program and click on the URL
The URL will take you to the next program event on the schedule after the current program event's start time has passed. Even if you're within the current event's on sale period. 

Steps to duplicate if receiving message that there are no tickets available: 
  1. Click the Web tab > Click Manage Program Forms
  2. Expand top level Program 
  3. Click the URL
  4. Notice Error: There are no tickets available for events that meet the specified criteria
  5. Go back to the Manage Program Forms page, notice there are events that are live
  6. Click the next event and it loads just fine


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