Program revenue report column shows 0 in sold column, but contains a dollar amount in the net column

When running the Program Revenue Report, you may notice the Sold column shows 0, but there is a dollar amount in the Net column. 
The Program Revenue Report calculates the Sold column by subtracting the number of tickets refunded from the number of tickets sold. Partial refunds where you are only refunding a portion of this ticket are calculated as refunds. Therefore, if you have a program where all tickets sold were partially refunded, you may see 0 in the Sold column with a dollar amount in the Net column. 
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Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a new order and sell tickets to a program event without any sales
  2. Process a refund of that order to refund a portion of each ticket (for example: refund $1 from each ticket).
  3. Upon completing the refund, Altru will prompt you: "With this refund, do you want to mark registrants as Canceled and add tickets back to the inventory?" Click No to keep these tickets active.
  4. Run the Program Revenue Report for the event and see that the Sold column shows 0, but there is still a dollar amount showing in the Net column. 


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