Step 1: Configure your contract template: 
The first task we will need to complete is to configure a Group Sales Contract Template that Altru will use to populate information for each group. 
  1. Go to Marketing and Communications > Letter Template Library 
  2. In the upper left under Tasks, click Generate Header File. This header file will be used with your Word Document and helps Altru to know where to place information from your group reservation in your contract document. 
  3. Under Letter Type, choose Group Sales Contract and click OK. 
  4. Altru will then download a .CSV file of all fields available for you to use in your Group Sales Contract. Review the Group Sales Contract Merge Fields Key for more information on what each merge field represents.
  5. Outside of Altru, open your contract document in Word.
  6. On the Mailings Tab, click Select Recipients. Find the .CSV file we just saved. 
  7. Click "Insert Merge Field" and select the field you would like to be included in the document. 
  8. Save your template document. 
This video demonstrates these steps:

Step 2: Add your contract template: 
  1. Go to Marketing and Communications > Letter Template Library 
  2. Click Add 
  3. In the Add letter template screen, name your document (for example: Birthday Party Contract) 
  4. Add a description if desired.
  5. Under Letter Type, select Group Sales Contract. 
  6. Click Choose File to upload the document you saved. 
  7. Click Save to save the contract template to Altru. 

Step 3: Generate your contract template:
  1. Open a reservation that you need to generate a contract for. 
  2. Under Amounts and Due Dates, click the drop down arrows beside Contract, then click Create Contract
  3. In the Create contract window, under Contract Template, search for the Contract you have just created.
  4. Under Attachment Type, choose the appropriate selection from the drop down. 
  5. Check the box to mark the contract as Sent if you are also sending the contract. 
  6. Click Save.