This error occurs when the record you are importing already exists in ResearchPoint and is linked to a spouse already. 
  1. Open the record you are importing in ResearchPoint
  2. If the spouse on the record is the same one that you are importing, note the spouses Look up ID
  3. Enter the Spouse Look Up ID in the Batch in the Spouse Look-Up ID field. 
  4. Select validate under processes
  5. If the exception is not resolved, delete all spousal information from the batch since the spouse already exists in ResearchPoint. You can also do this if there are a large number of these exceptions. 
  6. Select validate under processes
  7. Select save, resolve any other exceptions
  8. Commit the batch
If the spouse on the existing ResearchPoint record is different from the spouse you are importing, unlink the current spouse record in ResearchPoint. Validate the batch again.