Daily admission report doesn't match sales by price type report

When comparing the sales by price type report to the daily admission report, you may encounter different counts for daily admission.
The Daily Admissions Report only includes daily admission programs in Altru, not scheduled programs or pre-registered programs.  The Sales by Price Type report includes all programs by default.

To make the reports match, you must filter the Sales by Price Type to only daily admission programs.  To do so, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Sales > Sales by Price Type under Reports.
  2. In the Program filter, select Selected Programs and click the magnifying glass to search.
  3. In this filter, click Add to add a program query.
  4. Select the Program Query source view and click Ok.
  5. In the "New Ad-hoc query" screen, in the middle column, select Is Daily Admission and move to Include Records Where.
  6. Set the criteria equal to yes.
  7. Go to the Set Save Options tab.
  8. Name the query, then select Save and Close.
  9. Click View Report to view the Sales by Price Type report.
  10. Then in Sales, click Daily Admission under Reports and run this report to compare.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Sales, select the Daily admission report and run it for the selected date.
  2. From Sales, select the Sales by price type report and run it for the same date
  3. See that the count is different in both reports


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