Other dates button is missing on Web Forms

A scheduled program has multiple events enabled for online sales, and the web form does not have the option to change the date and time between the events.
The Other Dates/Times buttons will not be listed if:
  • The next scheduled event is 185 days after today's date
  • There are no events of same program that lie between the 24th of the previous month and the 14th of the next month from the currently selected event date
  • The events within the programs have different names
Note: You may see the Other Dates/Times buttons if there is another event in the program with the same name. However, if you select a date and time from that option that has an event with a different name, the Other Dates/Times button will be removed.

Steps to Duplicate

1. In Web select Manage Program Registration Forms
2. Search for your program
3. Select the arrows to the left of a program event > Select the URL
4. Note that there is no Other Dates or Other Times buttons


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