Extra Space inserted after $ sign with merge field

When using an acknowledgement email that includes a merge field name <GiftAmount>, the value fills in with an extra space between the $ sign and the amount. Example, Thanks for your gift of $ 50. Should show as Thanks for your gift of $50.

This is also true in confirmation screen of donation form or event registration form. A WYSIWYG editor is used which includes merge fields. The same merge field named <GiftAmount> also formats the same. Thanks for your gift of $ 50
By default an extra space is included between the $ sign and amount.

Steps to Duplicate

- Log in to NetCommunity and find a donation page
- Defaulted acknowledgement email and defaulted confirmation screen should contain <GiftAmount> merge fields
- Make a sample donation and observer acknowledgement screen
- Receive acknowledgement email and observer formatting around <GiftAmount> merge field.


 Windows 7 (64-bit)
 SQL Server 2012
 Blackbaud NetCommunity

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