How do I enable Givalanche on my Online Express donation forms?

Givalanche was released for Online Express customers on January 12th, 2016. Givalanche is available at no additional cost and is automatically available in Online Express. However, it is not automatically enabled on any existing or new donation forms.

How can users enable Givalanche on their new and existing Online Express donation forms to begin using it?

In order to enable Givalanche on any new or existing Online Express donation forms:

1. Access Online Express
2. On the Donations page, click Edit next to an existing donation form or choose to Create a form
3. On the Thank yous tab, mark the option to Include the social sharing Givalanche
4. That's it! Repeat these steps for any other form where Givalanche should be enabled.

Once Givalanche is enabled, donors will see an option to share their donation via Facebook, Twitter, or Email on the Confirmation screen for the donation. This will also appear in the acknowledgement emails that donors receive after making an Online Express donation.

Be sure to check out this 1 minute, donor facing video on Givalanche!

For additional questions on Givalanche, please be sure to consult these Givalanche FAQs.


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