How will Givalanche affect my donors?

Online Express now has the option to enable Givalanche for donation forms, which will allow donors to share their donations via social media or email and encourage others to donate.

How will Givalanche appear for my donors? What sorts of interactions will be available to them and what sort of emails/communications will they receive?
How will donors know that they can create a Givalanche?
When you have Givalanche enabled on a donation form, then when donors complete a gift via that form, we'll show the Givalanche sharing text directly on-screen as well as in their confirmation email. You may consider adding some additional content to your donation page to encourage donors to use the form to start a Givalanche. Additionally, we think it's a great idea that when you're contacting your donor prospects via email to consider letting them know what Givalanche is and how they can start one. We encourage sharing this donor-facing video for that purpose.
Will donors be notified as their Givalanche grows?
Yes! When you receive a new donation as a result of someone clicking a shared Givalanche link, the Givalanche system will automatically send a summary notification to the donor whose link was clicked. Additionally, if the donor we're notifying was not the original donor who started the Givalanche in question, then we'll also notify each "upstream donor", including the donor who kicked off the Givalanche. An example will help to illustrate:
  • Dave starts a Givalanche and posts to Facebook.
  • Sally and Evan both click Dave's link and each make a gift and they each share via Twitter.
  • Margaret clicks Sally's Twitter link and makes a gift.
When Sally and Evan each make their gift, we'll send 2 separate emails to Dave.
When Margaret makes her gift, we'll send an email to both Sally and Dave (but not to Evan).
Can donors opt out of notification emails?
Absolutely. Each notification email will have an unsubscribe link.
Will donors opting out of Givalanche notification emails also unsubscribe them from our Online Express emails?
No, definitely not. Clicking the Givalanche unsubscribe link will just prevent donors from receiving future notification emails about that specific Givalanche. It won't affect their opted-in status for your organization and it also won't impact whether they receive notifications on other Givalanches they may (now or in the future) be a part of.

For additional information and FAQs on Givalanche, please see our Givalanche FAQ page.


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