Will my donors' information be shared when using Givalanche for Online Express?

When using Online Express' new Givalanche feature, how will my donors' information be shared? What information will be available to other donors taking part in the Givalanche?
For more information on how donors will be affected when taking part in a Givalanche, please see How will Givalanche affect my donors?

Will donors' names or other personal information be shared via email with other donors, or shown on my Online Express donation forms?

No. We will never share donor names with other donors. This means that neither the notification emails that we send to donors when their Givalanche grows nor your donation form itself will ever show the names of other donors.

Feel free to share this 1 minute, donor facing video about Givalanche with any constituents who have questions!

For a full list of other Frequently Asked Questions, check out our Givalanche FAQ page.


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