Enter the Batch Payments
  1. Go to Revenue > Batch > Batch Entry
  2. Add > Choose Enhanced Revenue Batch > Save
  3. Add a Constituent to your batch
    1. Enter the amount
    2. Enter the Date
    3. Choose the revenue type: Payment
    4. Enter the Payment Method
    5. Choose the Application of Donation
    6. Select the designation that you Donor Campaign is using
    7. Repeat steps 1-6 for all of your constituents
  4. Update the projected totals
  5. Validate the Batch
  6. Save and Close
  7. Select the arrows to the left of the batch name > Select Commit
Update the Donor Challenge
  1. Fundraising > Donor Challenge Search > Search your Donor Challenge
  2. Select Update Donor Challenge in the Tasks Bar
  3. Navigate to the Encumbered Funds Tab > See that the payments entered in batch appear here
  4. Check the boxes next the payments > Select Approve Match