Error: Account has no active membership related to this account activity - Account Activity Entry

When updating the Expiration Date for an Activity Type on Account Activity Entry, this error may pop up:
E-GM119: Account has no active membership related to this account activity. Contact TSI.

The user is unable to change the Expiration Date because of this error.
The application is trying to find the associated membership for the Activity Type to change its End Date to match the Expiration Date, but is unable to find a membership.

To not receive this error, the account must have a Membership Benefit that is:

1.)  Related to the Activity Type
2.)  Is Active
3.)  Is marked 'OK to Deliver'
4.)  Has an End Date that is the same as the account activity's Expiration Date

Add or adjust the Membership Benefit accordingly and then this error should stop occurring.



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