Adjust the Sort Options in the Gradebook:
  1. Log into FAWeb as the Teacher
  2. Go to Options
  3. Choose General
  4. Next to Sort Homepage Class List By, choose Class ID
  5. Browse back to Home (do not go to Gradebook, Attendance, etc first)

If these steps do not work, please note:

Hosted Clients: 
This is a known intermittent issue. Have the teacher log in and out a few times and the marking columns/class will reappear. 

Not Hosted: 
Please follow each step below: 
1. In The Education Edge, go to Administration
2. Click on Set up system security
3. Find the original user name and open it. 
4. Change the username in some way by adding a number or letter (each username must be unique, even if one is deleted, so we need to do this so that when we create a new user, we can use the same username the teacher has been using)
5. Go to the Online Security tab, highlight FA Web on the left side and unlink the record on the right side. 
6. Save and Close
7. Create a new user account 
8. Enter the username and password and all other valid information including the FA Web group the user should be a member of. 
9. Go to the Online Security tab and highlight FA Web on the left side
10. On the right side, enter the teacher's record to link the user name to her record. 
11. Save and close
12. In FA Web, log in as a Supervisor and clear the cache and log out.
13. Log in as the teacher

Clients who are not hosted can also try rebuilding the data index.