First, open the journal entry and make sure no one has modified the date.  It is possible that a user has accidentally changed the date of the transaction, within eTapestry, and causing the discrepancy.  We tag the every journal entry with a Created Date to show when it was created.  This cannot be modified.  We also tag the entry with a Last Modified to record anytime a user has pressed the Save button.  Here are steps to help you check:
  1. Open the account
  2. Click Journal in the header
  3. Open the transaction entry
  4. Note the date entered into the Date field
  5. Scroll down to the very bottom left hand corner
  6. Notice the Created Date and Time
  7. Look slightly to the right at the Last Modified to see if someone has made any changes to the entry
If the Created Date is different then what is entered into the Date field, it could be that a user has changed the Date.  If the Last Modified shows a date, time, and username then you'll want to speak to that user to see what they may have changed on the entry.  It may be set to a different date on purpose, or it may have been an accident. Keep in mind that if you just open the entry and press the Save And button it will change the Last Modified information.  Even if you don't make any changes, just pressing Save And will adjust that date/time stamp.  So you should never save an entry unless you are creating it or modifying it.

Second, check you Time Zones.  Your database can be set to one Time Zone and your processor's database could be set to another.  So if the transaction is processed late in the evening, it is possible that it shows up with the next day's date in the processor's database if they don't match.  For example, if your eTapestry database is set to US/Mountain time and you are using BBMS, the BBMS portal is set to US/Eastern.  So processing a donation late in the evening on 1/1/2016 could cause it to show up as 1/2/2016 in BBMS.  You can't change the timezone in the BBMS portal.

Here are steps to check your eTapestry database time zone:
  1. Click Management on the menu bar
  2. Click My Organization
  3. Click Preferences
  4. Notice the Time Zone field in red near the top of the page