Unable to change and save User-defined Smart Query Output type from 'None'

When attempting to change the Output Type for a User-defined Smart Query that was originally created with the Output Type of 'None', the new Output Type does not save after clicking Save and Close. After editing the Smart Query following the changes being saved, the Output Type remains as 'None'
Create the query with the desired output type, rather than change the output type of an existing query.  

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Administration > Application > Click on Shell Design
  2. Go to the User-defined Smart Queries tab
  3. Edit an existing Smart Query - Note: The Smart Query will need to have an Output Type of None initially for this test.
  4. Go to the Save Options tab
  5. Change any field that has an output type of "None" to "Visible" or "Hidden"
  6. Make sure at least one field has the Filter Checkbox marked
  7. Click Save and Close
  8. Edit the Smart Query again
  9. Go to the Save Options tab and note that the changes did not save  


 Blackbaud CRM

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